Garage Door Replacement Parts

The whole is only as good as the sum of its replacement parts. We offer a broad selection of replacement parts appropriate for most garage door systems. Our variety of garage door opener replacement parts features products from the top-brands and our experts are trained to perform any installation, maintenance or replacement task. You can’t be a smooth operator without a well-oiled machine. We keep St. Louis area garage door openers running smoothly.

Check out the list of the replacement products and services that we offer below:

Garage Door Opener Parts

Gear Kits/Gear & Shaft Assemblies – A stripped gear in your opener will allow the motor to run but will prevent your garage door from opening when you push the button. We are experts at replacing gear kits and shaft assemblies.

Replace/Realign Photocells – Photocells are a crucial part of your garage door opener’s safety reverse system. We have the parts and knowledge that will keep your garage door opener’s safety photocell vision sharp.

Replace RPM Sensors – A malfunctioning RPM sensor can prevent your garage door from opening on command. It’s important to replace an RPM sensor to prevent garage-door failure.

Replace Circuit Boards, Capacitors, Motors – The guts of the garage door opener make-or-break your car’s point of entry. If your garage door opener no longer opens, it’s likely that one of these parts is to blame. Our experts will diagnose the problem, make necessary adjustments and replace the failing parts.

Lube & Adjust – You can’t be a smooth operator without a well-oiled machine. Lube and adjust your garage door and opener at least twice a year to keep it running smoothly.

Replace/Adjust Belts And/Or Chains – It’s important to replace or adjust chains and belts when necessary to keep your opener running at maximum capacity and efficiency. Our experts are qualified to diagnose and treat any garage door problems caused by worn parts.

Reprogram Remotes & Keypads – Not unlike your television remote, very few things are more frustrating than when a remote control doesn’t work properly. Not unlike your television remote, garage door remotes and keypads can be a confusing mystery. Our experts have dealt with many types and brands of remotes and keypads. We can help when remotes and keypads need reprogrammed.

Install Sunshields On Photocells – When the sun shines on your garage door’s photocells it can prevent the door from closing. A sunshield serves as a baseball cap for your garage door, ensuring on-demand closure.

Rehang Openers – “If your garage door’s opener was not hung with care, it’s likely a problem soon will be there.” An old garage-door adage to live by. Sometimes, garage door openers are installed by determined dads or weekend-handymen. We encourage DIY projects, but if your garage door opener has not been properly installed it can lead to big problems. Our professionals install openers quickly and correctly for many years of reliable and safe usage.

New Opener Installation – It is important to have your new opener installed by a professional for long term safe and proper opener usage.

Install Customer Supplied Openers – Our trained professionals are willing and able to install any customer-supplied opener. We also recommend allowing our professionals to lube and adjust your garage door beforehand. A garage door should always work easily and smoothly before the opener is installed.

Garage Door Parts

Lube & Adjust – We recommend lubing and adjusting your garage door and opener twice a year to maintain a well-working garage door apparatus. Garage doors function as much more than a front door. Many people don’t realize just how many times their garage door goes up and down in a year, and it’s important to keep all of the parts greased and good-to-go.

Replace Broken Springs – Most standard garage-door springs are rated at about 10,000 cycles. To open then close the garage door is one cycle. Also, most garage doors are closed more times than they are opened. When garage doors remain closed, the springs have tension. Over time this can cause the doors to lose a bit of the tension on the springs. Many springs are cold, rolled steel and have a tendency to break near the end of their life cycle. We have most springs in stock and can provide the professional replacement in a safe and timely manner. This can be a dangerous job and requires a trained professional.

Replace Bottom Seals – Bottom seals or astragals tend to wear out over time. Also, rodents like to chew on them. We have a wide array of bottom rubbers in stock to fit nearly any garage door.

Replace Side & Top Weather Seals/Stops– It is important to have good weather seals to help keep out snow, leaves, rain, etc.

Replace Broken/Frayed Cables – Frayed or broken cables should always be replaced. This job should be performed by a trained professional garage door technician.

Replace Shafts, Pulleys, Rollers, Hinges, Drums, Bearings – It’s the little things. Everyday use can cause the individual pieces (pulleys, rollers, hinges, bearings, etc.) to deteriorate and need replacement. We have what you need in stock and can perform the repairs quickly.

Install Reinforcement Struts – Reinforcement struts are true to namesake. They reinforce the garage door. Some doors come with struts and some don’t. If you have a garage door opener connected to the garage door, a strut is usually needed to reinforce and help prevent possible damage to the door.

Adjust Door Off Tracks – If your garage door closes on something, the obstruction and resulting collision will likely cause the rollers to lodge and ultimately cause the door to get stuck between the open and closed position. Our experts are trained to handle routine malfunctions like this and complex garage door mechanical issues. Call Martin Door & Window for fast, courteous professional service.

Replace Tracks – It’s easy to bump into your garage door tracks, which can result in bent steel and make it impossible for your garage door to function properly. If this happens, you need to replace the tracks to keep your door running smoothly.

Replace Door Sections – Most newer garage door sections can be replaced with the same manufacturer and model parts. Get a free quote today!

Replace Glass Design Window Inserts – Give your home an aesthetic upgrade by simply replacing the glass window inserts on your garage door. Our window design inserts can be replaced to create a different look for your garage door and home.