BEA offers a wide variety of door sensors and switches along with a full line of security devices such as maglocks, electric strikes and access control buttons and keypads.

Eagle Sensor

Door Activation

The eagle sensor is a very common sensor used today. Because of its versatility, it is used on sliding and swing doors. The Eagle Sensor has a Sophisticated Motion Tracking feature when energy conservation is critical & offers three motion detection options; Bi-Directional, Uni-Directional, and Uni-MTF. It detects speeds as low as 2.2″ per second.

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The Bodyguard

Non-Approach Side Protection

The bodyguard is used to protect people on the back or (non approach) side of an automatic door. With its unique ability to detect through the door threshold 12″ to 18″ when the door is open. There are two pattern settings for when the door is open and when the door is closed.

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Presence Sensor

The Superscan Door Presence Sensor is door mounted and provides excellent security and safety for the elderly and disabled. Installed on the approach side of door to hold open or reactivate the door until a person is completely removed from the pattern.

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Presence Sensor

The Quadscan replaces the Superscan 2 and has twice the coverage area of the Superscan 1 and same effective coverage of the Superscan 2.

This sensor complies with current ANSI standards.


Safety/ Activation Sensor

The Wizard is one of the most used sensors in the industry. This sensor is primarily used for sliding door applications. It combines the Eagle Activation Sensor and the safety of a Presence Sensor and features Automatic Adaptation to weather conditions and disturbances to increase reliability. It Allows the G3 to operate in very harsh environments such as very reflective floors, blizzards, rain, lighting, and pediments. Includes two simple one- button infrared immunity settings (Normal / High) and one-way evening mode to meet ANSI standards. Factory set to meet almost all applications out of the box.

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Handicap Operator Push Plates

BEA offers a wide variety of push plates to meet any need. They offer round, square, vestibule single gang and jamb mounted push plates all in varying sizes. They also offer wireless push plates if mounting or location is an issue. Also in a sanitary environment touchless push plates are available.

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Security Products/Access Control

Keypads & Switches

BEA has a good selection of maglocks, electric strikes, keypads and switches. They have many choices for maglocks in different sizes application uses; Electric strikes for all types of handles and latches. And many different keypads and request exit buttons to fit your style and needs.

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