Reaction Two

Activation Sensor

ReactionTwoThe OPTEX Reaction Two Microwave offers a narrow or wide detection area that makes it suitable for all types of installations. The narrow setting is easy to set by just clicking the narrow lens on to the radar module. By turning the module left or right and tilting it up and down the microwave can be adjusted quickly and simply for many different applications. No external set-up device is needed.

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Activation / Safety Sensor

IOne With its large motion and presence detection pattern, the OPTEX I-One Active Infrared Door Sensor features a safety zone in the threshold and sidelights that are always on. The size and shape of the detection pattern can be easily adjusted to match almost any application.

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Combination Slide Door Sensor

OA-203cWith Activation and Safety detection in one unit, the OPTEX OA-203C is two sensors in one. Fast installation and service, and laser-sharp Active Infrared Technology are just a few of OA-203C’s benefits. Its versatile detection area solves problems caused by narrow vestibules and ‘ghosting’. Wiring is simple with our new plug-in wiring harness. The OPTEX OA-203C is the optimal choice for both safety and activation on all types of automatic doors. It combines easily adjustable settings with a slim design, providing maximum safety in a wide array of applications.

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Miniature Photo-Electric Safety Beam System

The OS-12c has become the standard of the industry. The OPTEX OS-12C Active Infrared Safety Beam System is compatible with any type of automatic door. Its amplifier and sensor heads are designed for fast, simple installation while maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability.

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PRO Swing Premier MK2

Swing Door Presence Sensor

The new OPTEX Pro-Swing Premier MK2 is designed to detect moving or stationary people in the swing path of the door. The OPTEX ProSwing Premier MK2 provides premier safety and premier style all of the time! The Premier MK2 can interface with just about any existing controller by analyzing both data output and motor voltage and only requires one overhead presence sensor for all your new and service applications.

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PRO Swing Elite

Door-Mounted Sensor for Swing Doors

The OPTEX Pro-Swing Elite is designed to detect moving or stationary people in the swing path of the door. The OPTEX Pro-Swing Elite stays active even when the door is in motion, providing safety all of the time! The advantage of the Door-Mounted Pro-Swing Elite is that the presence detection stays on even when the door is in motion. The Pro-Swing Elite can detect a person or object at any point in the doors’ swing path, providing complete safety and convenience for swinging doors.

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