Series 90 Double Hung

  • Exclusive InsulKor polyurethane fiberglass-enriched sash reinforcement for superior thermal and structural performance.
  • DP 60 rating (window size tested 36″ x 74″)
  • Low-E glass with argon gas keeps indoor temperatures comfortable and consistent.
  • External accessory grove accommodates nail fin option.
  • Full interlocking lock and meeting rail.
  • Beveled mainframe offers a classic exterior appearance.
  • Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength and boost thermal performance.
  • Dual low profile, positive-action cam locks increase security (2 locks standard at 27 ¼” or wider)
  • ¾” constant force coil balance permits easy sash movement.Series-90-10
  • Sloped sill reduces air infiltration and allows for easy water runoff.
  • Rubber bulb seal helps block outside air.
  • Dual push-button night latches provide optimum ventilation.
  • Full screen is supported by a strong extruded aluminum frame.*
  • Full vinyl sash dam on sill and high-performance weather stripping protect against air infiltration.
  • Integrated, slim line lift rail allows for smooth sash operation.
  • 4 ¼” frame thickness enhances appearance as well as structural integrity.
  • Jamb depth is 3.25″

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to substitute components as necessary for continued product improvement.

*Screens are not meant to restrain a child from falling through an open window.

Color Options:

White Almond