5 Great Ideas for Remodeling Your Garage

Ready to remodel your home and get it ready for the warmer months ahead? Look no further than your garage, where even small updates can make a big difference.

Some garage remodeling projects – like painting your garage or adding new flooring – can be completed in a weekend. Others require a little more elbow grease but are more than worth the effort.

Below is our list of five remodeling projects that can transform your garage into something special.

Paint. One of the quickest and easiest ways to breathe new life into your garage is with a coat (or two) of paint. First, you’ll need to repair any areas of the walls where there are cracks and prime them.

Once you’re ready, choose a paint that’s mildew resistant or an interior latex paint. While oil-based paint can also be used, it will take longer to dry and has a strong odor and fumes, so you’ll need to wear a protective mask.

Install new flooring. There’s nothing wrong with the standard concrete garage floor, but over time, these floors can get stained from years and years of leaking car oil and antifreeze. That’s why painting the floor is a great idea.

First, clean the floor thoroughly to remove all the grit and grime. Then, prep the floor with a primer before applying epoxy. We recommend epoxy because it is stain resistant and makes cleaning the floors a breeze.

You could also cover your garage floor with interlocking foam tiles. This flooring can be found at your local hardware store and comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Add storage. It’s easy to de-clutter and transform your garage into a well-organized space that does as good of a job storing your tools and sports equipment as it does your car.

First, declutter the garage by getting rid of anything in it that you no longer need. Then, add pegboard, install a fold-up table to use for projects, and invest in storage solutions.

Check out IKEA for inexpensive yet durable cabinets designed for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens and use them in the garage instead. Shoe and closet organizers work great in the garage as well.

Lighten it up. Why not add a window or two to your garage to elevate it’s look, or invest in a replacement garage with windows? Most garage styles allow you to pick just where you want your garage’s windows to go – and offer you plenty of ways to customize them, so suit your garage and home perfectly.

You could also install a skylight or even an overhead pendant light to really take your garage’s style to the next level.

Add living space. Your garage can do so much more than simply keep your cars safe. It can also double as a workout room, a study, or even an artist’s studio. The sky is really the limit.

Depending on how often you’ll use the extra room, you may want to take advantage of some of the above ideas, like adding new flooring or painting the walls. You could also replace the garage door with one that works great for living spaces, like Clopay’s Avante garage doors, for example.

Ready to get started? Martin Door carries great looking, high performing garage doors and other products that can take your garage space to the next level. Give us a call today.