Adding a garage to a 120-year-old farmhouse

There’s something special about old farmhouses. But what happens when a beautiful, older home needs a new garage door? Clopay has it covered. Take a look at this great article and beautiful photos of a 120-year-old farmhouse that was completely renovated and fitted with a garage door by Clopay.

Allie Lundeen says the garage is “a game changer. We now have a heated garage to pull into during the winter, overflow for large family gatherings, and a great spot for the pets to go!”

5 reasons to replace your windows

One of the best updates you can make for your home is to invest in replacement windows. It’s a decision that goes the distance, from increasing your home’s value to adding safety and security, to making your house more comfortable and quieter.

At Martin Door, we are proud to carry replacement windows by ProVia, an industry leader known for high-performing windows that are as beautiful to look at (and through!) as they are efficient.

Here’s our top five reasons to replace your windows:

Better home security. If you’re looking for ways to make your home safer, consider replacing your windows., especially if yours are older. Not only are new, replacement windows expertly fitted for security, but they also feature new, ultra-secure locking systems. And if your current windows are stubborn to open, this can be a safety hazard, and another great reason to replace them.

Increased home value. Thinking of selling your home? If so, replacing your windows before you put it on the market could increase its value. In fact, replacement windows can yield a nearly 75% return on investment when you sell your house. Like an older roof, old, worn-out, poorly fitted windows are a big reason prospective home buyers pass on a home they’d considered buying.

More curb appeal. Like a new garage door, investing in replacement windows is a great way to elevate the look of your home. ProVia’s Aeris windows, for example, combine the beauty of wood with the benefits of vinyl window. Endure windows by ProVia allow you to customize so your windows to match your home’s aesthetic perfectly, and ProVia Aspect windows are high-performing and available in a myriad of colors and sizes.

Excellent energy efficiency. One of the biggest reasons to replace your windows is to conserve energy. The older your windows are, the harder your air conditioning and heating units have to work. With new windows, you could save on energy bills and help your HVAC last longer. ProVia replacement windows are known for being incredibly energy efficient. In fact, they are Energy Star Certified.

Greater noise reduction. If you live on a busy street, or simply live for the day when you don’t hear the neighbor’s dog barking when you’re trying to relax, consider replacing your windows. Older windows that don’t fit correctly in their frames can let in outside noise, while new, insulated windows and triple paned glass can keep your home quiet and peaceful.

Ready to learn more about replacement windows? Contact the team at Martin Door. We have decades of experience installing replacement windows on homes all across St. Charles and are here to help you with all your replacement window needs.