6 Ways To Update Your Garage in 2022

If you’re thinking about making improvements to your garage in 2022, we’ve got more than a few ideas, From adding storage, to replacing your garage door, to making your garage more secure, there many ways to spruce up your garage in the new year.

Here’s six ways to update your garage in 2022 

Get organized. If you’ve got tools, recreation equipment, and cleaning supplies strewn about your garage, why not add shelving and storage to make everything in close reach while adding more space in your garage. Peg boards, simple shelving are easy to install. Even a row of hooks can make a world of difference.

Clean it up. Spend a day deep cleaning your garage. Remove everything, start by washing down the floor to get rid of the grime and grease, clear the cobwebs and dirt from the garage door (carefully), and get rid of anything you’re storing in the garage that you don’t need.

Schedule maintenance. Give the team at Martin Door a call to schedule regular garage door maintenance. We’ll make sure that your garage door is working at it’s best, and if it isn’t, we’ll make the repairs to ensure it does. Garage door springs, belts, and the garage door itself should be inspected by a professional once a year.

Keep it secure. One of the easiest ways to keep your garage door secure is to invest in a new LiftMaster garage door opener. LiftMaster’s MyQ technology let you open, close and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world. And it will send alerts to your phone and home security system if it detects suspicious activity.

Make it multi-functional. Need more room in your house? Look no further than the garage. With a few cans of paint and a little creativity, you can add additional living space to your garage.

Elevate with a new garage door. Have you checked out the latest garage doors by Clopay? They’re pretty fabulous. Whether you’re tastes are traditional, modern, or a little bit of both, you’ll find the perfect garage door by Clopay to elevate the look of your home.


Top Four Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door in 2022

2022 will be here before you know it, and what better time to make updates to your home than the new year? One of the easiest and best ways to elevate the look of your home while also increasing it’s value is to invest in a new garage door.

Of course, there are many reasons why replacing your garage door is a great investment and a smart idea. Here’s our top four.

Curb appeal. A new garage door can dramatically change the look of your home – and with very little time invested, as opposed to having your house painted, for example. In just a few hours, the team at Martin Door can professionally install a great looking, brand new garage door. Take a look at Clopay’s collection to get inspired.  Then, use our Design Your Door feature to choose the perfect garage door for your home.modern house with three wooden garage doors

Added value. If you’re thinking about selling your home, you’ll want to give careful consideration to the state of your garage door. Does it fit properly? Is paint chipping from the door or is it dented? If your garage door is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s a good idea to get it replaced. A new garage door could add value to your home so you get more money at closing time.

Increased safety. Protect your family and your belongings with a new garage door. Older doors that no longer fit tightly to the frame and ground make it easier for thieves to do their dirty work. In addition, many new garage door models offer extra locking features. Want to really keep your garage secure? Choose a new garage door opener by LiftMaster.

Less repairs. If you have an older garage door, you may be worried that, one day, it won’t operate the way it should. With a new garage door comes new parts, not to mention a warranty. Avoid unexpected garage door repairs by getting a replacement garage door.

And… here’s a bonus reason to choose a garage door from Martin Door. When you buy locally you’re investing back into your local economy. Ready for a new garage door? Give the team at Martin Door a call.

Happy Thanksgiving From Martin Door

The team at Martin Door would like to wish you and your loved ones a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Seven Reasons to Work in the Garage Door Industry

Looking for a career that offers plenty of variety, job security, and an excellent steady income? You’ve just described some of the benefits of being in the garage door industry and now (maybe more than ever) is an ideal time to get started on this career path.

There was already a shortage of skilled tradespeople before the pandemic, and now the shortage is even greater. That means there are plenty of opportunities to stay working and advance in your career   whether it’s in sales or as a garage door technician.

Here’s what you can expect

Job variety. In this field, every day is different, which means you’ll get a chance to put all your skills to good use. The possibilities are endless. So, if you don’t like performing the same tasks every day, this job is for you.

Stability. Imagine living in a world without teachers or doctors. Impossible, right?  You’ll never have to worry about finding a job in this industry, which is helpful if you have a family to support.

No debt. There’s nothing wrong with getting a four-year degree, but the cost of college can really add up. While many students graduate owing a significant amount of money to Uncle Sam, students who graduate from a trade school usually do not.

Career advancement. At Martin Door, we encourage our team members to deepen their knowledge through continuing education and advanced certification. The garage door industry is constantly evolving, and the more training you have, the higher your salary will likely be.

You can skip the gym. By now you’ve probably read that sitting behind a desk all day can lead to health problems. But that’s not something you’ll have to worry about in the garage door industry. It also requires plenty of critical thinking and problem-solving, so your brain will stay sharp, too.

You get to be a part of a team. The team at Martin Door supports and encourages each other. We truly believe that teamwork is a big part of why we’ve been a leading garage door company in St. Charles for decades. Simply put: we’re a family and our team thrives because of it.

You’ll meet new people. If you’re a “people person,” you’ll love being in this industry. Every day offers you’ll be meeting and helping new and longtime customers alike. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make someone’s day a little better. This is definitely not a job you can do remotely from the comfort of your couch!

Interested in a job with Martin Door? Give us a call. We love talking about everything we love about this exciting profession and are always looking for new team members

Our Top Four Places for Garage Door Inspiration

October is the perfect time of the year to invest in a new garage door. Summer is wrapping up and making way for fall home improvement projects you’ll want to finish before the busy holiday season. As time flies by, it may be a good idea to start looking at garage door ideas that will inspire you to choose the right garage door for your budget and style.

To help you get started, the team at Martin Door have put together a list of the top four places to look for garage door inspiration. Some you can do in the comfort of your own home.


We absolutely love Houzz for its huge collection of garage door photos, as well as photos and ideas about how to repurpose your garage into something unique and special. Houzz also features a great Advice and Stories section where you can read about home owners experiences with choosing a garage door and how they customized the door to suit the look of their home.

The Clopay Website

Not only can you view Clopay’s entire collection on their website but here you can also find an ideas book and a buyer’s guide. You can also compare doors on the site, so you can choose doors you’re interested in and then check them out side-by-side to see which one will work better for your home.


As you peruse the web for great garage door ideas, you’ll need a place to keep track of what you’ve found. Pinterest is our favorite way to organize garage door photos and inspirations. It’s easy to navigate, and as you build your Pinterest board for garage door ideas, you’ll get cued into what others put on their Pinterest boards, too, which will give you even more inspiration.

Your Neighborhood

That’s right. Inspiration can be found just outside your door. Take a look at the homes in your neighborhood that you love and check their garage doors and what you like about them. You’ll notice that some of the best-looking houses on the block are the ones with garage doors that work with the look of the home.

Visit our Design Your Garage Door feature to “try on” your favorite styles. And as always, we are here to help you choose the perfect garage door for your home!


By: Clopay Garage Doors

A reinforced garage door is the best way to prevent high winds from entering your home.

Hurricane Damaged House

The air pressure inside the garage after the door was ripped out of the opening caused the roof to blow out.

Clopay WindCode® garage doors have built-in reinforcement. No additional posts or pins are required. Owners simply have to lock the door to secure it.

Struts on Clopay Garage Door

Clopay WindCode garage doors have t-struts for reinforcement on the inside of the door.


If your house has weathered a previous hurricane, it’s important to have your garage door checked to make sure none of the moving parts were damaged or weakened.


If you are shopping for a hurricane-rated garage door, whether building a new house or just looking to improve its curb appeal, there are a number of new styles and materials to consider.

2x4 Lumber Test of Impact Resistance on Garage Door

Inside Clopay’s test chamber, where a 9 lb. 2” x 4” is shot out of a canon at impact-resistant windows. Impact-rated windows can withstand 350 foot-pounds of impact energy.

First, a reinforced garage door doesn’t have to look like a wall of steel. With impact resistant windows, you can add both a decorative touch to the door and natural light in the garage.

Southern Living Idea Home

The exact style you’re able to install will depend on where you live and your local building code requirements. For instance in Florida, the WindCode® rating will decrease as you move farther inland from the shoreline.

Clopay has the largest number of residential garage door models with Florida product approvals and Miami Dade County notices of acceptance.

Canyon Ridge Garage Door

Clopay Canyon Ridge (5-Layer) carriage house garage doors with built-in WindCode reinforcement. The doors look like real wood but are actually composite.

If you live along the coast, faux wood garage doors are a popular option as they mimic the look of natural wood but are moisture-resistant and won’t warp, rot or crack in the elements.

From a carriage house design to Clopay’s Modern Steel door — which is approved for use in Miami Dade County in South Florida — the options are abundant when it comes to selecting a stylish reinforced garage door.

Modern Steel Grooved Garage Door in Black Finish

Clopay Modern Steel garage door with windows down one side.


Do you have a broken garage door spring?

Here’s a fantastic article by Clopay about how to determine if you have a broken garage door spring


You’re pulling up to the house after a long day and hit the garage door opener. Nothing happens. You try it again. Nothing. Batteries must be dead, right? So, you try the fancy app on your phone and/or punch in the code on your keyless entry pad. Still nothing.

Odds are your garage door has a broken spring.

Person opening a garage door from inside their car
Surprise (!) garage doors don’t operate seamlessly forever. The spring literally does the heavy lifting and lowering of the garage door, and it only lasts so long.

Clopay Garage Door InteriorStandard garage door torsion springs are centered above the garage door opening.

Garage door springs tend to break most often during cold weather (which makes the metal more brittle) and while the door is in the down position because that’s when it’s under the most tension.

If you happen to be home when a spring breaks, it will probably scare you to death because it makes a very loud and unexpected, POP-bang-gunfire sound. And when we say loud, we mean LOUD. Unless someone is setting off fireworks in your garage, more than likely the spring just snapped.

You can tell if your spring is broken by just looking at it. If you have a standard torsion spring, it’s centrally located over the garage door opening. Look up and see if the coil is physically separated into two pieces.

Garage Door Torsion SpringNormal torsion spring above the garage door opening.

Broken Torsion SpringA broken torsion spring splits into two separate pieces. Look for a distinct gap in the coil.

Extension springs are attached on the side of the door along the top of the track. They will be stretched when the door is closed or have uneven spacing.

Garage Door Extension SpringAn extension spring over the garage door track.

If your door has two springs, it’s possible that only one of them is broken. Both should be replaced at the same time for smooth operation and door longevity since they are “wear and tear” parts.

A Torsion Spring being installedThis 16′ x 7′ garage door has two standard torsion springs.

Most garage door springs are designed to last 10,000 cycles (One cycle = up and down).

If you use your garage door an average of twice a day, that’s about a seven-year life expectancy. It costs around $200 to replace a 10K-cycle spring, but that can vary depending on the door size, weight and track configuration.

There are garage door springs that last an average of 20,000 cycles, which might be necessary and worth an extra $150 if you use your door a lot.

Man winding a torsion springStandard torsion spring repair is not a DIY project. A pro can do it in about an hour.

Replacing a broken spring doesn’t take too long—a professional can have the job done in an hour. But do NOT attempt this on your own. Garage doors are heavy, springs are under great tension and this is a task best left to those with the proper equipment and expertise!

Coachman Design 11 REC13 Windows in White FinishSave time and money by replacing the springs on your second garage door at the same time since they likely get the same daily use.

Have a two-car garage or more than one garage door that gets a lot of use? You should consider replacing the other spring(s) at the same time, especially if the doors are the same age. It could save you another repair call in the near future. 


Choose the perfect style garage door for your home

Martin Door is proud to carry a full line of beautiful residential garage doors by Clopay and we can help you choose the perfect one to elevate the look of your home. From contemporary, modern garage doors to classic and carriage house doors, you’ll find every style in the Clopay collection.

Below are some of Clopay’s most popular residential garage doors, broken down by style. Take a look and see which would be ideal for your home.


The Avante Collection 

Modernize your home with Clopay’s popular line-up of aluminum and glass garage doors. The durable aluminum frame is available in a number of colors, including clear, black and bronze anodized, to complement your home style. Multiple glass options allow you to bring as much or as little natural light in as well as control the level of privacy.

The Modern Steel Collection 

Modern Steel™ Collection garage doors perfectly complement contemporary and mid-century modern home styles. Doors are available with or without grooves in multiple paint and Ultra-Grain® finishes to create the perfect look for your home.


The Classic Collection 

Available in a wide range of looks and colors, Clopay’s Classic™ Collection steel doors complement every home so there’s no sacrificing style for strength, durability and comfort.

The Canyon Ridge Collection 

Beautiful and unique, Canyon Ridge® Limited Edition Series carriage house & louver style doors are constructed with an energy-efficient, Intellicore® insulated steel base and finished with faux wood composite cladding and overlays. The appearance is that of authentic swing-out doors but with the convenience of modern, upward operation.


The Coachman Collection 

The perfect blend of beauty and practicality, these carriage house doors look like wood, but they are actually crafted of multiple layers of durable, low-maintenance steel and insulation topped with a woodgrain textured composite overlay.

The Grand Harbor Collection 

When budget is the deciding factor, this low-maintenance, insulation-optional steel frame carriage house style garage door combines clean lines and classic charm to provide a popular style at a great value.


The Reserve Wood Custom Series 

Working from a professional drawing or just a sketch on a notepad, Clopay can create the doors you’ve only imagined, with windows or without, in wood like Knotty Alder, Spanish Cedar, White Oak, Ironwood and African Mahogany. Each door is handcrafted from the material of your choice using your precise specifications.

No matter what style of home you have, Clopay is sure to have the perfect garage door and we can help when you’re ready to take the next step and add one to your home.

How safe are smart garage door openers?

If you’ve been worried about getting a smart garage door opener because you’re concerned they aren’t safe for your home, we’ve got some good news: they are indeed safe. In fact, having one may just help prevent your home and garage from a break in. LiftMaster garage door operator

One of the biggest reasons to trust smart garage door openers is because they use advanced encryption for data, so your privacy isn’t compromised. Still not convinced? Below are four more reasons why investing in a smart garage door opener may just keep the burglars at bay.

You’ll never lose your remote. With a smart garage door opener, you’ll always have access to your remote. That means there’s no risk of losing the remote and having it found by someone who might use it to enter your garage and steal your belongings.

Your smart garage door remote can be found on the MyQ app on your phone. So, as long as you don’t lose your phone, you won’t have to worry about anyone having access to your remote.

Your packages will be safe. We’re all ordering more online these days, which means package theft is on the rise. If you have a smart garage door opener by LiftMaster, you can open the garage door for the Amazon delivery person and close it securely after they’ve delivered the package. Additionally, if your garage door opener includes a security camera, you can watch the delivery person deliver the items in real time and keep an eye on the garage until you return.

You can keep track of visitors.  Smart garage doors log every time the garage door opens and closes. And you can be alerted whenever it happens. That means you can keep track of everyone who enters the garage. Some LiftMaster garage door openers also feature two-way audio to monitor visitors as well.

Your garage door will always be closed.  Have you ever driven to your destination only to wonder if you’ve closed the garage door? With a smart garage door opener, you can close your garage door from anywhere. In fact, if you drive off and forget to close the garage door, you can set up your app to receive a notice on your phone.

Ready for a smart garage door opener? Contact the team at Martin Door. We carry the full line of openers by LiftMaster and can help you choose the perfect one for your home.

Selling your home? How to get your garage ready

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, don’t forget about your garage. Investing just a little time, elbow grease and money can increase the value of your home and help it sell faster. In fact, it’s been proven that a replacement garage door is one of the best — and easiest — ways to increase your ROI.

Before you jump into this seller’s market and put your house up for sale, take a look at our tips below on how to get your garage door ready.

Replace the garage door. If your garage door is older, or if doesn’t elevate the look of your home, consider buying a new one. Clopay has a myriad of different collections designed to complement a variety of homes. If yours is contemporary, take a look at their Avante and Modern Steel collections.

On a budget? Many of Clopay’s styles are very affordable. We especially love the Grand Harbor collection that features carriage house doors that you can customize.

Paint the walls and floor. If the walls and floor of your garage are dirty and stained, spend a day painting them. Read our article with tips on how to do this properly. Or, just remember to use the proper paint type on your walls and floors. And remember: painting the walls a light color will make the garage seem larger!

Remove the clutter. In fact, go ahead and remove anything in the garage you aren’t using. Either move the items to storage or resell them on a place like Facebook Marketplace or take to a thrift store. Buyers want to be able to envision their belongings in the space they’re considering buying. Help them by removing yours from the garage.

Clean. clean, clean. Consider renting a power washer or hiring someone to power wash your garage’s floors and exterior. And don’t forget about the driveway. Thoroughly wash it with soap and water and for stubborn stains, apply a baking soda paste.

Make it multipurpose. To attract potential buyers, consider making a section of the garage extra living space. From a home gym to a study, your garage just may be able to be used for something more than storing your car. Take a look at our ideas!

Your garage is an important part of your home. Don’t forget about it when you’re ready to sell it! Get it ready with a new garage door or garage door maintenance from Martin Door.