Daylight Savings Garage Door Tips

Daylight savings is a great time of the year to get your garage ready for spring. Our list below features spring cleaning and maintenance ideas that we recommend you do once a year around this time, and what a better reminder than daylight savings time, which is March 11?
It doesn’t take a lot of time to spruce up your garage or get your garage door working great.
Here are some tips for garage spring cleaning and garage door maintenance from the team at Martin Door. With just a few hours of elbow grease, you can sit back, sip a cold one, and be ready for the warmer months ahead.

  1. Schedule a maintenance check from Martin Door. We can make sure your garage door springs, pulleys and garage door opener are safe and working their best.
  2. Change the batteries in your garage door remote opener and your garage door light bulbs
  1. Clean the garage good. That means throwing away trash and the old items in the garage that you’ll never use. Consider taking some of those things – like bikes you’re not going to ride and old tools – and donating them to charity. Or, hold a garage sale or sell the stuff online.
  2. Don’t forget about the floors. You’ll need a broom, hose, a sponge and the soap you use to wash your car. If you’re floor is concrete, look for a concrete floor cleaner, and maybe an oil stain remover, too. Of course, if your garage door floor has lots of oil, we recommend a mechanic, too!
  3. Clean the garage door. You can do this with a dry rag or broombut do not use soap and water. Be very careful to only clean the door surfacethemselves. Don’t try to clean the garage door springs, cables, hinges or rollers. Leave that to us (see tip #1!).
  4. Invest in some shelves or plywood and peg board. Your garage is an excellent place to store tools, gardening supplies and exercise equipment. Peg board is inexpensive and can be mounted to a wall easily. It’s also surprisingly strong, so it can hold heavy tools. Consider keeping a recycling bin in the garage, too, so you can keep your car cleaner.
  5. Make it pretty. You visit your garage every day, and sometimes several times a day, so make it someplace you like to see. Hang a framed poster of your favorite vacation destination or your dream car or paint the walls a color you like.
Need more ideas or a new garage door? The team at Martin Door can help. Give us a call today!

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