Don’t fall victim to a garage door scam

Last year, bogus garage door companies disguised as local companies – often with names very similar to real ones – purchased millions of dollars in ads with Google to operate a garage door scam.

Luckily, Google has cracked down on these bogus garage door dealers, making it more difficult for them to purchase ads and requiring legitimate companies like us go through an extensive verification process with Google, proving we are the real deal.

But there are still phony garage door companies out there preying on innocent people. As a family-owned company serving St. Charles and the surrounding area, we truly care about our community and it troubles us to hear when someone has been taken advantage of.

Don’t fall victim to a garage door scam. Below are some tips to make sure you’re dealing with the real Martin Door company. Follow these tips and you can be confident you aren’t wasting money and the services you receive will be only the top notch service we promise.

If searching online, double check the name of any online ads for Martin Door. If the ad is for a similar name like Martin & Sons Garage Doors, don’t book services with them.

Ask where they are located. Local garage door companies have a brick and mortar store or at least an office. Bogus ones usually don’t.

Check review sites and Facebook. When you visit Yelp or Angie’s List, you’ll find lots of great reviews about Martin Door. If you search for companies with a similar name, you usually won’t find any.

Also, fake garage door companies usually don’t have Facebook pages — Martin Door does.

To learn more about fake garage door companies and how you can protect yourself from being a victim to one of their scams, check out this video from IDEA, the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation.


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