Martin Door’s Most Popular Garage Doors 

A new garage door adds value to your home and enhances its curb appeal. Today there are doors to fit every budget and every style. Whether you like sleek, contemporary designs or a more classic look, Martin Door has the perfect door for you.

We carry a full selection of garage doors by Clopay and our expert technicians install a variety of garage doors in homes across St. Peters and St. Louis every day. We think all our garage doors are great-looking, but here’s a closer look at three of our most popular doors.

Avante Garage Doors

Clopay’s Avante Garage Door collection is stunning. These are modern doors that are made of glass and aluminum. The windows let natural light in – both night and day. And you can customize the garage door to fit your home’s color and chose your own window design.You can choose from clear glass or insulated glass or tempered glass, frosted glass and several other options.

Some home and business owners use Avante Garage Doors to create an indoor/outdoor living area out of their garage. They’re popular at restaurants that want to open up the front.  The possibilities are endless.

Modern Steel Doors

Like the Avante Collection, Clopay’s Modern Door Collection is also sleek and contemporary. These garage doors work especially great on newer or mid-century modern style homes. One of the Modern Steel Door collection’s greatest features is the multiple glass and window size options that can really create a customized look.

Canyon Ridge Garage Doors

They look like wood garage doors but they’re not. They’re made with durable aluminum steel but they look like rich wood doors that transform your home into something gorgeous. When you step into the Martin Door showroom, Canyon Ridge Garage Doors are some of the first garage doors you’ll see, and they’re likely to make you take a second (or even third look).

Unlike the Avante and the Modern Steel Collection, Canyon Ridge offers a very classic look and looks great on older homes and those that are more traditional in design.

When you’re ready to replace your garage door, consider one of these options or any other. In fact, Martin Door carries a full line of Clopay Doors, so we are sure to have one that fits your budget and your style

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