Terms & Conditions

All work shall be done by competent installers and the finished work shall present a neat, first class, workmanlike job in every respect.  Any alteration or deviation from specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate.

All discrepancies regarding this contract must be reported within 15 days of installation.

All contracts are subject to fires, accidents, strikes and other causes or delays beyond our control. Such delays, or inability to obtain materials or labor for any reason whatsoever shall be added to the time of completion of the work, and Contractor shall not be responsible for damage or loss due to the inability to complete on time and it shall be entitled to payment on demand for work installed up to the time such delay commenced. Owner to carry fire, tornado and other necessary insurance. Our workers are fully covered by Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.

Contractor shall use standard recognized quality materials and unless otherwise expressly agree, all installation work shall be done during regular working hours, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays.  Owner shall insure reasonable accessibility to the installation location by Contractor in order to facilitate installation.

Unless otherwise directed by customer, if this contract includes installation, it is a construction contract. Whether itemized or not, a construction contract is an agreement between the Contractor and the Owner to improve, repair, replace, erect or alter real property.  It is expressly agreed that title to and ownership of the materials included in construction contracts pass from the Contractor to the Owner upon permanent and complete installation as a fixture to realty. If otherwise directed by the customer, this contract will be a sale of tangible personal property which may or may not be installed, with title to and ownership of the materials included in the contract passing upon delivery, prior to installation, as tangible personal property.  The construction contract will include a service charge or surcharge (S/C) to cover a portion of the non-itemized expenses incurred in the fulfillment of the contract.  All taxable sales of tangible personal property will have the appropriate sales tax (S/T) charged on the invoice.

If this contract does not include installation or if it is a contract with a valid tax-exempt organization or if a valid resale certificate has been issued, it is a sale of tangible personal property and it is expressly agreed that title and ownership of the materials pass upon delivery, prior to installation.

It is expressly understood and agreed that payment in full shall be due upon completion of installation or delivery unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to.  Interest at the rate of 1 1/2% per month shall accrue on any unpaid balance thereafter until paid in full.  In the event this contract shall be placed for collection, the Owner shall be responsible for payment of all costs of collection, service charges and legal/attorney fees which shall accrue and be due and payable hereunder in addition to the balance due and owing, including interest thereon.


Failure of this Contractor to pay those persons supplying material or services to complete this contract can result in the filing of a mechanics lien on the property which is the subject of this contract pursuant to Chapter 429, RsMo.  To avoid this result you may ask this Contractor for “lien waivers” from all persons supplying materials or services for the work described in this contract.  Failure to secure lien waivers may result in your paying for labor and material twice.